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 Help for cowboy moving to France please!

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Help for cowboy moving to France please! Empty
MessageSujet: Help for cowboy moving to France please!   Help for cowboy moving to France please! Icon_minitime19.05.16 20:24

Hi everyone.

My name is Bob (English Bob to my SASS friends) and I am an Englishman currently living in Texas. Since moving to the US in 2012 I have acquired quite a few guns, and especially quite a few cowboy weapons. I shoot CAS at three different clubs 4 times a month. I also shoot more modern weapons at both IDPA and USPSA competitions.

In 3-4 months time I am moving back to France (I lived near Nimes for 10 years prior to 2012 and will be moving back to that area) and I would like to bring as many of my guns, ammunition and reloading equipment with me as possible and continue shooting in competitions.

I know the French are definitely more friendly than the UK as far as owning weapons is concerned, but my guess is this will still not be straightforward. Can anyone give me some advice please? Right now I do not even know where to start.

Thank you

English Bob
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Trail Boss
Cattleman Joe

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Help for cowboy moving to France please! Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Help for cowboy moving to France please!   Help for cowboy moving to France please! Icon_minitime10.06.16 16:13

Hi Bob,
As you're coming back to France, maybe is it time for you to switch back to french for your messages (maybe will you get more answers) Very Happy  ?

Anyway, i think that the wiser for your question is to ask directly french customs about procédures to follow for your weapons.

About small arms laws in France, We now have 4 categories :
- Cat. A : strictly forbiden for civilians (all full automatics weapons for example, but not only...).
- Cat B : Authorized owning (need for a government "clearance" to get those guns). Example : all handguns (such as SA revolvers except if it's blackpowder), and almost all semi-automatics rifles.
- Cat C : some hunting calibers, and nearly all bolt (and lever) action rifles, as far as their magazine contains less than 10 rounds (if my memory is correct). These weapons are "simply" declared to the government.
- Cat D : hunting rifles such as "double barrels" : registered weapons (the procedure is quite the same as the one used for C Cat....don't ask...this is administration...). It also includes collectibles (black powders...)

For all these categories, you need first of all (as a minimum requirement), to be a (proud) member of the French Shooting Federation (FFTir).

For detailed procedure aiming to import in France your guns, i won't be able to help you : see french customs for more information. Feel free about asking them (they are really helpfull !). But maybe you'll need to remember your french first !

Hope this will help you,
Help for cowboy moving to France please! 431899

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Help for cowboy moving to France please!
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